ARD distributes VAT certificates to the staff

A training course on Value Added Tax (VAT)  was conducted by ARD for a week.  

vat certificateThe training was organized jointly by ARD's Training Development and Project Management Offices. Three employees of SIGTAS and 14 staff of VAT took part in this training. The training will increase the capacity building of the VAT staff concerning that Tax, which in turn will help in calculation of the tax in the future, said Director General of Revenue Abdurrahman Mujahif in distributing the certificates.

DG Mujahid added that ARD tries to organize more advanced training abroad in the future for the VAT staff. DG Mujahid further mentioned that the staff are young and can play a very important role in helping the country collect the right tax. 

Fifty ARD staff received their certificates

ard staff graduation


Fifty people, who have been trained in accounting and IT for three months, received certificates of completion.

Mr. Abdul Rahman, ARD Director General, said that we should pay close attention to the professional development of the staff whom we can utilize or use for the improvement of our administrative affairs. He added that professional development or capacity building of staff is the first step toward self-sufficiency in professional development.

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Small business tax registration campaign and survey starts

Ministry of Finance provides training for newly recruited tax assessors who will survey businesses and explain their tax obligationssto induction trainingThe Deputy Minister for Customs and Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Gul Maqsood Sabit and the Director General of the Afghanistan Revenue Department Mr. Abdurrahman Mujahid, today announced a survey and registration campaign for small businesses in Kabul.

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SIGTAS Assessment module launched in LTO

lto-sigtasDM inaugurated the SIGTAS assessment module in large taxpayers office (LTO). He was very happy to inaugurate  one of the important sections that was the SIGTAS assessment module in Large Taxpayers office(LTO), said Deputy minister of Customs and Revenue of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Gul Maqsood Sabit. He added that this SIGTAS assessment module would help in auto-calculation of the tax, tax penalties, identifying errors (mistakes) in tax returns and forms.

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SIGTAS assessment module launched in MTO

mto sigtas Director General of Afghanistan Reveune Department Mr. Abdul Rahman Mojahid while cutting the ribbon of the ceremony said that they tried to activate all the module until the second and third quarter of the current year in the MTO.

DG Mujahid added that before activating this module, MTO was performing most of their routines by pens and papers, but after the activating of this system which created  beauracracy and wasted the time. After activating

this system, the mentioned problems will be solved.

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